Sundrops Earrings



Drops of golden sunshine dangle from the shimmering sun in these bold polymer clay earrings. $18.


Gingerbread Hearts


Cute, cheerful polymer clay gingerbread hearts dotted with pearly icing are a perfect complement to a cozy winter outfit. $6.

Shooting Stars



Delicately textured and detailed pearly silver polymer clay stars dangle in a flash of whimsical beauty. $18.

Cherry Blossoms



Gorgeously fresh pink cherry blossoms, in shades deepening from cotton candy to raspberry, cascade from your ears in a bold celebration of spring. Their delightful motion and vibrancy will turn heads!

Bold version: 4.5 in (12 cm) long including earwires. $20.

Petite version: 3.75 in (9.5 cm) long including earwires. $19.

Henna Horns



Henna designs on funky horn shapes with shimmering turquoise highlighting make for a delightful set of earrings. 2.75 in (7 cm) long including earwires. $15.

Gold and Pink Texture

Bold and tribal, these textured polymer clay earrings shimmer with gold and pink-red, displaying their vibrant mix of texture, color, and shape. 3.75 in (9.5 cm) including earwires. $17.

Tri-Color Shimmer

Violet, pink, and emerald shimmer dusts the ornate henna designs of these hand-crafted polymer clay earrings. One of a kind!
2.5 in (6.25 cm) long including earwire. $15.

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