Cherry Blossoms



Gorgeously fresh pink cherry blossoms, in shades deepening from cotton candy to raspberry, cascade from your ears in a bold celebration of spring. Their delightful motion and vibrancy will turn heads!

Bold version: 4.5 in (12 cm) long including earwires. $20.

Petite version: 3.75 in (9.5 cm) long including earwires. $19.


Gold and Aqua Henna



Intricate henna designs, hand-painted in gold on an aqua blue background, are feminine and bold and sure to attract attention. $25.

Peeking Sun


Sky blue threads intertwine with the soft shades of sunshine for an cheerful and inviting pendant, hung on sky blue ribbon. Hand-coiled and strung. 29.50.

Coppery Calla Lilies

Coppery polymer clay calla lilies complement each other in a bouquet of charming yet bold elegance. Hand-sculpted and hung from red suede cord. $25.

Onyx and Marble

Beautifully striated redwood marble is the centerpiece for this two-strand necklace of brick red Italian onyx and painted wooden beads. Earthy and bold, it draws you in! $25.

Yellow and Pink Roses

Fresh pink roses with a brush of summery yellow drape asymmetrically on a vibrant yellow suede cord. $25.

Pearls and Citrine

Baby blue freshwater pearls and golden citrine gemstones are bright and airy; wear a sunshine spring day around your neck, whatever the weather! $29.

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